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For those who were interested in the post “Thunder Road Part 2” about my meeting with various groups at a road-side vigil regarding American troops and Iraq, i’ve recently been contacted by Airlee, one of the organisers of the Support the Troops vigil. The internet being what it is, a number of people present at the vigil seem to have read the blog, which is good. But to give as fair and accurate a picture as possible I asked Airlee if it was OK to reproduce some of his email here, to which he agreed:

I would like to point out that there has been an attempt at discussion of our different points of view but we each are so polarized in our belief system that there is little hope of coming to a common agreement. In fact, at one point in time, I felt that perhaps we had all made our point and I approached one of the Veterans for Peace and told him that if he would talk to his people and call off the Friday night vigils I would approach my people and do the same. I never got a response from him.

Food for thought.

Further, if you go to the comments section on the original post, you will see that Jim, one of the guys I spoke to back at the vigil in Oregon has left a reply. Readers who found the original post interesting may want to read.

Over and out.


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